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  • Selestia Angell

    You can find her in the back of SHēk Boutique cutting hair or walking down the street to Sagebrush South Salon to check on her team. Selestia is an entrepreneur at heart and not given up on her dreams yet! She loves her small town. Selestia grew up in the western store just a few doors down on Allen street. Follow her behind the scenes on Instagram.

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  • Centralia, Missouri

    Sagebrush and SHēk our proud members of the Centralia Chamber of Commerce.

    We look forward to serving you in the beauty industry as well as the fashion industry.

    Thank you for shopping small! We are excited to see the town grow. Be sure to make Centralia, Missouri on your destination weekend travel list. You can eat, shop, drink coffee in downtown Centralia. Our square in beautiful year around.

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  • Her Tribe

    Selestia is growing her team just like she is chasing her big dreams! It takes a village. She plans on expanding her salon business and the boutique in the future. Centralia's population is 4,000 and Sagebrush made the Top 100 Surface Salon list this year. We are very proud and will continue to serve our salon guests.

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